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Rock, Concrete, Asphalt & More

3G Construction, INC. is a trusted provider of rock crushing services for mining and industrial companies throughout Texas. If you have unwanted rock, asphalt, or concrete materials, we’ll crush it up and haul it out!

We take what was once considered a waste product and make it reusable for other industries. Rather than hauling your debris off to a landfill, trust us to take these materials off your hands.

We offer crushing services for:

  • Rock
  • Concrete
  • Asphalt
  • Brick

Further capabilities include excavating, pavement, heavy hauling, and recycling. Looking for something in particular? Send us a message to discuss your options.

Portable Crushing Services in Texas

We offer onsite crushing services as well as effective screening of concrete and asphalt across Texas. Our portable crusher and screening plant is able to process these materials into various sizes to meet your (or the customer’s) specifications.

We contract with residential and commercial sectors looking to offload excess materials and crush them to size. Our services apply to road or highway construction, earth work, sand and gravel trucking, and more.

Rock crushing can be done in various load sizes. Once processed, the aggregate material can then be reused or sold for profit.

We build:

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  • Icon of a blue square with a blue check icon inside of it. Drilling pits
  • Icon of a blue square with a blue check icon inside of it. Overflow pits

Got excess rock, concrete, or similar waste materials on your hands? At 3G Construction, INC., we’ll help you dispose of these materials the right way with our portable rock crushing and disposal services.

Our Approach

Our customers trust us to deliver fast, efficient rock crushing and aggregate recycling services, every time. At 3G Construction, our mobile crushing services ensure quick services so your materials are available for immediate reuse. No need to pick up recycled aggregates and haul them back to your site. We offer crushing services on location across West Texas.

Do you have tons of used rock, concrete, or asphalt that needs crushing? We’ve got you covered!

  • Reduces disposal costs
  • Eliminates needs for landfill space
  • Cuts down on transportation costs
  • Protects the environment and reduces energy costs
  • Lower aggregate material costs for future projects
  • Safe, efficient, affordable!

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Looking for portable rock crushing services in Texas? 3G Construction is a trusted provider of crushing and waste hauling services. Get a free quote today.

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