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No Dust, No Problem.

Most construction companies know the annoyance of dealing with dust and flying debris on the job site. Not only is this a safety hazard, but the costs of keeping the dust away can quickly add up.

At 3G Construction, we know that the better a road is made, the easier it is to maintain. That’s why our dust guard services work to hold compaction so your lease road stays sturdy and dust-free.

Benefits of Dust Control Services

Dust control services work to better maintain your lease roads for maximum stabilization and greater cost savings. But that’s not all – our dust guards offer a range of benefits for construction sites:

  • Less loose gravel
  • Better appearance
  • Fewer safety hazards
  • Improved air quality
  • Time saved on maintenance

At 3G Construction, we go the extra mile to make sure your lease roads are safe, sturdy, and secure. We’ll work with you to establish the best approach for your needs and the cost to match.

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We build:

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A controlled road is a safer road. At 3G Construction, we provide dust guards for lease roads plus general dust control services to keep your construction site safe. Keep debris away and safety hazards at bay.

Need Dust Control for Your Construction Site?

Dust control applies to any construction site where there is a risk of potential air or water pollution from dust or debris. EPA recommendations state that construction sites are to reduce their impact on the environment by keeping dust contained as much as possible.

Our dust control solutions work to reduce or even prevent the transport of dust during construction. This is done mostly through the use of a dust guard to control air flow and blow soil. We are able to handle any mid to large-scale projects in need of reliable dust control

Dust Control Services in Texas

3G Construction, INC. is a trusted provider of dust control solutions and other oil field construction services across West Texas. If you’re struggling to reduce the dust at your construction site or incoming lease road, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve worked with countless oil, gas, and construction companies to manage all their construction site needs. These services apply to the following areas and more:

  • City and County Roads
  • Construction Sites
  • Military
  • Mining
  • Haul Roads
  • Industrial Sites
  • Lumber Yards
  • Trucking Transfer Stations
  • Utility Companies
  • Waste Management Locations
  • Wind and Solar Farms
  • Miscellaneous Dust Suppression

Keep dust away and carry on with construction with ease with the dust control services from 3G Construction.

Our Approach

At 3G Construction, customers trust us to deliver fast, efficient construction dust control services. Our team is ready for immediate calls to your site to address any of your concerns. You’ll get the quality service you need and the care your site deserves.

IntegriBlend 80/20 CS & IntegriBlend 70/30 CS

GMCO CS products are a blend of liquid magnesium chloride and a Complex Sugar. It’s an all-natural, environmentally friendly solution for gravel road stabilization and dust control.

GMCO CS blends are eco-friendly, but it’s also budget smart. Studies show that entities using our CS blends as part of their gravel road maintenance can cut up to 60% of their gravel replacement and blading costs. The CS’s hygroscopic properties naturally capture moisture from the air keeping the road damp and dust-free for a healthier environment and a safer road.

By enhancing liquid magnesium chloride with complex sugars, we have created a product that is ideal for dust control and stabilization on base courses with fewer plastic materials. The additional binding capabilities and deeper color of the CS blends offer a longer lasting road and an aesthetically pleasing surface.

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