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Sturdy Poly Pipe Service in West Texas

Poly pipe is used for a variety of piping systems in residential, commercial, and civil structures. Purposes include plumbing, drainage, water supply, heating and ventilation, water management, and more.

At 3G Construction, we specialize in poly pipe installation services for fresh water lines to supply rigs with water while they are drilling. When we run fresh water lines, they are often coming off of a water well or frac pit. These pipes can also be used to run oil or salt water from on site to another.

Our services also include rolling up the pipe and rebanding the poly pipe for storage. We have poly pipe available for rent or for sale. If you have your own poly pipe, we will transport it from route to another, if needed.


Don’t have your own poly pipe? 3G Construction has pipe available for rent or for purchase. We have an entire inventory of poly reels to assist in deploying pipe from a water source to your chosen destination.

We build:

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Looking for poly pipe installation services in Texas? 3G Construction has got you covered. We install polypipe for water lines, oil lines, and more. Contact us for a free quote.


3G Construction mainly handles 3″ poly but offers everything needed to fulfill an entire rig with poly pipe. We also have all the additional equipment needed to complete the job, including poly welders, flow meters, and valves.

Our top-quality equipment is built to ensure that our team is able to safely lay out a large span of poly pipe as quickly as possible.


Once the job is done, you’ll need a secure way to store your poly pipe for future uses. We will roll up the pipe for you, haul it off, and even reband the pipe for storage.

Our Approach

When you’re fulfilling a job, you need the right equipment to ensure everything goes off without a hitch. For your rig, you need durable, long-lasting poly pipe to transport the water or substances you need to complete your job as quickly (and safely) as possible.

At 3G Construction, our customers trust us to deliver only the best in poly pipe installation services. Built to last, our poly pipe is exceptionally good at reducing maintenance costs and protecting the environment over its projected lifetime.

Our services are fast, convenient, and affordable. If you need poly pipe services in West Texas, trust 3G to deliver.

Get a Quote for Poly Services

Need poly pipe services in West Texas? Contact 3G Construction for a free estimate on poly pipe supply, installation, or storage services. Our team is ready to assess your project and offer the services you need with the quality you deserve.

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