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New Lease & Access Road Construction

Lease roads can run the gamut from smooth and maintained to unkept and unsafe. A poorly constructed lease or access road is a nuisance to both your team and the community that’s impacted by a hazardous, ill-kept road.

That’s why 3G Construction specializes in high-quality, long-lasting lease and access road construction services. This ensures safe and stable entry to your site even under the most inclement of conditions.

Safe, Effective, Preferred.

What makes 3G Construction a trusted source of lease road services in Texas?

We care about the success of your production site. We also know that road construction and maintenance is one of the most expensive ongoing costs associated with oil and natural gas operations. That’s why our roads are built to last, minimizing the costs of maintenance and preventing a need to rebuild in the future.

  • Ensure safe and easy transport
  • Minimize maintenance costs
  • High-quality roads built to last
  • Keep your team and community safe

We also build cattle guards – otherwise known as cattle grids – which are used to prevent livestock from passing through your production site. Keep cows, sheep, and horses at bay with protected cattle guards. Available in concrete and a variety of materials..

We build:

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  • Icon of a blue square with a blue check icon inside of it. Overflow pits

A well-maintained lease road ensures easy transport of equipment and materials to your production facility. At 3G Construction, we build high-quality lease access roads as well as provide lease road repair services

Lease Road Repair & Maintenance Services

A well-maintained lease road is a safe road. Following the completed construction of the lease or access road, we clear debris and hazardous objects to ensure safe transportation conditions. We also repair existing lease roads by adding caliche to potholes, and blading, watering, and compacting existing caliche.

Further, when maintenance or repairs are needed on lease or access roads, our specialists respond quickly to the call in order to reinstate safe conditions to and from the production facility. You can always trust 3G Construction to be there when you need us!

Our lead road repair services include:

  • Clearing rock, debris, and other hazardous materials
  • Repairing existing potholes
  • Compacting existing caliche on roads
  • Ensuring road is up to code

Our Approach

At 3G Construction, our customers trust us to deliver fast, efficient lease road construction and maintenance services. This means your road will be in tip-top shape as quickly as possible to ensure safe transport.

The 3G team is available for immediate calls to your site to assess your project or address any existing concerns. You’ll get the high-quality service you need and the care your production site deserves.

Get a Quote for Lease Road Construction or Repair

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