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Environmental Services in West Texas

Environmental remediation is the removal of pollution or contaminants from water and soil that may run off from a production or construction site. At 3G Construction, we help companies be stewards of the environment and keep local communities safe with our Environmental Services.

We clean up and contain anything that may negatively impact the environment. From salt water runoff to fuel spills, we keep the environment safe from hazardous pollutants. We also replant trees and vegetation that may have been impacted.

Deep Bury / Pit Closure

Our Remediation Services primarily cover deep bury or pit closures. Our process involves dewatering the reserve pit, waiting for the mud to dry, and digging a hole next to the pit so it can be buried. Most of these will be lined with a liner to help with the land being restored to its original state.

Additionally, if a well site is abandoned or needs to be made smaller, we will pick up the material and replant the area needed to be remediated. This again ensures that the land will be returned back to its natural state.

We build:

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3G Construction is a trusted provider of environmental remediation services in West Texas. We help gas and oil companies keep the environment safe from contaminants that may arise from their production site.

Spill Clean Up

Our Environmental Services over the digging and cleaning up of spills, including oil spills, salt water spills, and fuel spills. We will dig up the spill, sample it for contamination, and, depending on samples, will keep digging until samples come back clean.


Production site runoff can cause much of the local vegetation to be contaminated and negatively impacted. We will replant anything that was destroyed as well as re-seed the area to stimulate grass growth.

Waste Hauling

Got waste on your site? Let us haul it off for you. We haul off any hazardous material as well as haul clean material and then compact it to prevent any sinking. These waste hauling services include debris, cuttings, contaminated soil, and wastewater.

Safe, Sustainable, Efficient

It’s up to all of us to maintain our environment and keep our communities safe. With our premiere Environmental Remediation services, you can clean up your job site safely and efficiently. We provide sustainable construction services across West Texas, doing our part to keep communities happy and healthy.

Our Approach

At 3G Construction, our customers trust us to deliver fast, effective, and affordable Environmental Services. We’re committed to helping companies keep their sites safe from contaminants and pollutants that might negatively impact the environment.

Our team is available for immediate calls to assess your site and offer expertise regarding the best course of action. We’ll also provide an accurate estimate so you know you’re getting the deal for your site. You’ll get the high-quality service you need at a price you can afford.

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