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If You Can Dream it, We Can Dig It.

Pits are used within the oil industry to collect water used during the drilling process. At 3G Construction, we partner with companies looking for high-quality pits and liners to suit their project needs

We have experience digging every size of location and pit imaginable. Our fleet of heavy duty equipment allows us to put the dozers, excavators, dump trucks and other gear it takes on site, so you can get the job done right.

Pit Building Services in Texas

Looking for reliable pit building services in West Texas? 3G Construction has you covered.

Our pit construction services set the standard for companies across Texas. Not only do our best-in-industry technicians survey the area, mobilize equipment, and dig the site – but they’re sure to complete the project in a timely manner with the level of expertise you can trust.

We build:

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Our fleet of heavy-duty equipment allows us to bring the dozers, excavators, dump trucks and other gear to the site so you have all the gear you need to get the job done right. Plus, to ensure compliance, we work closely with governmental and regulatory agencies so you have one less thing to worry about at the well-site.

Any Size, Any Volume – We Can Help

At 3G Construction, we have experience digging pits of every size and location imaginable. This most often ranges from 100,000 barrels to over 1 million barrels. No matter the volume, our full-service crew is here to ensure that your pit is constructed quickly and safely.

We use a unique grading system to ensure that all your design specifications are met. Then, your pit is built and compacted to ensure maximum longevity. And our quality liners prevent leaks and spills.

3G Construction is your one-stop shop for all your pit design, construction and installation needs.

We Meet TRC Requirements for Frac Pits

The Texas Railroad Commission (RRC) requires that all frac pits meet a certain set of standards. At 3G Construction, our company construction standards align with RRC regulations.

Here are the basic RRC requirements frac pits are expected to meet:

  • Adequate Freeboard (minimum 2’)
  • Compaction of Subgrade
  • Built-in Lifts
  • Free of Rocks, Debris, or Irregularities With Sharp Edge
  • Top Width of Dike: Minimum of 4 feet (We recommend 12 feet)

Side Slopes Not Steeper than 3 to 1 grade Dikes (Walls) are Keyed into Underlying Soil Lined with Liner providing Hydraulic Conductivity 1.0 x 10-7 cm/s or less. (Minimum of 30 mil is best practice) Liner Seams Should Be Oriented Up and Down, not Across Slopes Pits Must be Emptied and Inspected Annually, OR be constructed with Double Liners and undergo Monthly Leak Detection Monitoring

Our Approach

When it comes to your job site, you deserve the best of the best. This includes a pit construction crew that’s professionally trained and able to meet your unique specifications. At 3G Construction, we hold ourselves to a high standard to deliver only the highest quality installation imaginable.

Simply put, we deliver the work you want and the service you service. No matter what, your satisfaction is always our #1 priority. With years of experience behind us, you can rest assured that we will get the job done safely, efficiently, and up to standard.

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